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It's an Election Management Software. It helps candidate to manage voter database and interact with them through electronic ways of communications. This enhances connectivity of candidate with the voters. Also, It has various other functionalities which helps in resource management, people management etc.

Main Features of Rajneta system:

Voter Management :

• GIS based mapping.

• Statistical analysis and Reports.

• Sorting - Caste,Religion,Party.

• Leader Management.

• Migrated Voter Management.

• Party worker Management.

Promotional :

• Social media - Facebook.

• Bulk SMS.

• Bulk emails.

• Personal website.

• Youtube videos.

Personal Relation :

• Interactive Call centre.

• Feedback from voters.

• Plays recorded message of candidate.

• Convince voter through follow-up call.

Voter Database:

• Voter details survey through android application.

• Voter list digitization.

• Mobile Nos database.

Benefits of Rajneta System :

• Facility to do quick voter details survey through android application.

• Leader management, Religion, caste based voter management, migrated voter management.

• Party/Leader influence, Religion/Caste spread mapping through GIS module.

• Convincing educated voters by presenting facts and figures in a logical manner through social media; facebook,bulk SMS & emails.

• Establish personal releation with voter through call center and follow up calls to convince voters effectively.

• Hourly updates of voting progress on election day; helps in identifying our supporters who are yet to cast their votes.


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