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eAnifarm Software (Dairy farm management android application for small farmers)

Farmers having less cow/buffalo’s (less than 5-10) can remember all information about his animals. Like, their dates of heat, pregnancy diagnosis, milk dry-off, calving etc. When number of animals increases it becomes very difficult to remember all these details. In conventional practice farmer will keep all these records written somewhere on calendar or in his maintained register. If farmer misses to observe the heat of a single cow then he will lose around Rs. 4000 considering daily expenses of around 200 per day.

eAnifarm is android system which will help you keep all these records. This system will give alerts by SMS to farmer/caretaker about important dates of heat, pregnancy diagnosis, Milk dry-off, calving etc

Features of eAnifarm system :

• DOB/Age, breed, name, tag number of animal can be stored in this system.

• Dates of Heat Period can be recorded in this system; accordingly next AI date will be given by this system.

• Also it will give farmer dates of pregnancy diagnosis, milk dry-offs & calving.

• Farmer can keep record of daily milk production of each cow/buffalo.

• Also record of milk sale of each day can be stored.

• Dates of deworming, vaccination dates can be recorded as per schedule for a year.

• Stock register of fodder and other feed supplements can be maintained.

• Expenses on feed can be recorded in this system.

• Expenses on medication of each animal can be recorded here.

• Labour/electicity or any other expenses also can be maintained in this system.

• Income from manure sale, calf sale, cow/buffalo sale can be recorded.

• Initial investment expenses like shed erection, purchase of chaff cutter, milking machines etc can be recorded.

Advantages of using the eAnifarm system:

• Easy to use android application for farmers.

• Record keeping can be done on the move.

• Easy to identify & keep watch on cow/buffalo for heat period as system alerts farmer.

• Alert will help you to remember PD checkup, milk dry-off, calving etc dates.

• Milk production details of each animal can be recorded easily every day.

• Amount of fodder used per day can be recorded.

• Details of medication can be recorded.

• Record of daily milk sale can be maintained according to rate structure (FAT & SNF wise).

• Stock of green & dry fodder can be maintained. Also records of consumption of fodder can be maintained.

• Also records of expenses on dry & green fodder can be maintained.

• Labour/electricity and other expenses can be recorded.

• Alert for vaccination/deworming can be set in the system.

Benefits for farmers:

• Maintaining record of each animal farmer can have complete record of lineage, diseases history, and lactation yield of each lactation period. Changes in milk producing capacity for particular period; root cause analysis can be done accordingly.

• All sources of income like milk sale, calf sale, manure sale and sources of expenditure like fodder, labour,capital expenses can be tracked and monitored using this software system.

• Farmer can generate income and expenditure report which can be used to analyse possible reasons for losses in any period of time.

• Farmers will not miss heat period dates due to alert system through software; will save atleast 3 to 4 thousand which otherwise will be wasted in next 21 days per animal.

• Drying off is important factor in lactation milk yield of animal. If drying off cow is not done at correct time, it results in reduction in milk yield in next lactation. Alert for dry-off dates will help farmer in taking care of this.

• Maintaining proper record of weight gain of calf periodically will help checking growth parameters. This will help farmers in maintaining correct nutrition of growing calves and achieve puberty within first 15 months after calving.

• Alerts for vaccination and deworming will remind farmers of this important activity to be carried out in dairy farm.

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