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eVet Software (Digital diary for veterinary doctors on android phone)

Veterinary doctors are giving various services to farmers for their animal treatment but they doesn't know how many farmers are their customers .How many animals have they treated or how many AI they have done. How many of these AI were successful? How much they earn in a day. Have you ever sent birthday wishes to your customers? Are you sure your customer is happy with your services?

Understanding this need we had come with a software system which will help you in maintaining and tracking all these records.

Main Features of eVet system :

• It can be installed on your existing smart phone.

• Farmer name, Address, Mobile number. Farmer animal information can be stored in this system.

• Breed related information of animals can be maintained.

• Master list of Medicines required for animal treatment.

• Semen straw information used for AI.

• All details of source from where you purchase drugs or semen straws.

Daily Visit Details:

Details of treatment given to each animal.

• Details of treatment like AI, PD, Calving of each animal.

• Previous AI details.

• Information of semen used and its results.

• Details of treatment on other diseases like mastitis, FMD etc of each animal.

• Doctor can send alerts of heat period, PD, calving to customer farmers.

Purchase and other expenses Details:

• Available medicine/semen straw details.

• Maintain and track purchase details of drugs and semen.

• Alert refill Nitrogen cylinder.

• Also you can maintain other expenses details.

Income and Consultation Charges:

• Details of consultation fee received per day per visit.

• Details of balance amount from customers.

• Alert for payment follow up dates.

Personal Reminders:

• Insurance premium dates.

• Loan EMI dates.

• Bhishi dates.

• Birthday reminders of friends, customers, relatives.

• Other alerts which are required in everyday life.

Scheduled Visits Details:

• Reminder for dates :for AI, PD, Calving in coming days.

• Reminder for promised payment date by farmer given by s/w.

• Nitrogen cylinder refill date reminder.

• Reminder for payment balance from customers.

Important Reports:

• Daily visit and details of visit.

• Daily income.

• Remaining balance amount details .

• Payment follow up details.

• Number of other important reports.


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