KIMS-Kote Inventory Managment System

KIMS-Kote inventory Management software is Biometric inventory management of weapons for armed forces, barcoding for weapon identification, Issue of weapon by finger print authentication, allocation, de-allocation, bulk issue, control store items & private weapon inventory management.

Need For An Automated KIMS- Kote Inventory Management System:

The requirement was thus felt for the following:

  • Reduction in time weapon issuing of arms during mob, firing, and BPET.
  • Issue of arms only to person to whom it belongs to reduce losses.
  • Speedy generation of reports to monitor the issue and receipt, by the unit Cdr.

The Innovation:

With the help of 46 AD Regt along with 996 AD Regt Workshop, Shaurya Technosoft Pvt Ltd had devised an automated software based system, which allows automated process of individual and GP issue/receipt of SAs from a bty.

This system is described as under:


Each weapon (Rifle 5.56mm/CMG/LMG) and its magazine has been bar coded. Each weapon and magazine will have barcode with its unique individual code.
Bar Code Reader:

The barcode reader reads the barcode in a split second and displays all info with respect to the particular individual, his photograph and his weapon; as a result the kote NCO instead of entering various figures in ledgers/registers/documents, just scans the barcode to enter the required data fields for issue/receipt.

The finger print scanner ensures that the individual digitally signs his issue/ receipt action which again is a very prompt process and hence obviates any wastage of time. It simultaneously renders authenticity, accuracy and swiftness to the operation and also ensures that the weapon is issued only to the individual that it has been allocated to.


The software for KIMS- Kote Inventory Management System has been developed with the help of 46 AD Regt and 996 AD Workshop Regt by careful study of the qualitative requirements of the software. Interaction with the users to erase all possible glitches has been undertaken extensively. Extensive alpha level (development level) and beta level (user level) testing was carried out, prior to fielding the software in the kotes of the Regt.

Data Base:

The data base of the software includes personal details of the whole unit along with photographs and finger prints of the individuals, and complete details of rif 5.56 mm/CMG/LMG allocated in their names. The entire database can be used for generating various reports and returns required on a daily basis, which can also be viewed and utilized over the Unit/through LAN.

Qualitative Requirements For The KIMS- Kote Inventory Management System:

  • Limited accessibility in the user profile. Only administrator profile would be able to edit or make any changes.
  • Complete data of the individual (including photo) and the inventory to be displayed on recognition by the scanner.
  • Time in-Time out; date in- date out to be in sync with system date and time.
  • Drop down menus for ease of entry at required fields, for example rank etc.
  • Field based search to make efficient searches, for example name, registered number, weapon make etc.
  • Ability to generate various type of query based reports.
  • Ability to generate time and occurrence based report including required field that can be sent automatically to select IPs as per settings governed by administrator.
  • Ability to see page wise any searches that are made for required field parameters given.
  • Warning system to display message if particular inventory identified by the scanner but issue or deposited action not being taken, also fail proof check against an already issued item being issued again.
  • Data backup facility at desired locations and automatic backup at each exit with date and timestamp.
  • Requirement of a digital signature system like a finger print scanner for authenticity.


The use of bar coding and bar code scanners can transform operational efficiencies of a material management system in a phenomenal manner. Some of the advantages are as enumerated below:-

Speed and Accuracy:

This operation will take less than a second with the bar code reader. The speed difference and the time it will save is evident, the use of the Bar code is unmatched in its ability to plough through large volumes of these operations effortlessly.

  • Normal issue: 1-2 min per individual.
  • KIMS- Kote Inventory Management System issue : less than 30 secs per individual.
  • Ease of Implementation:

The learning curve of a barcode system is extremely steep and short so that even a user with minimum qualification requirements for the army can use it comfortably.

Man Power Efficient:

Due to shortage of officers, it becomes imperative that some means of overcoming this obstacle is developed. There are innumerable tasks that need to be checked and regular updates taken on the state of the same, this software can be programmed, in the subsequently envisaged versions, to generate reports that can be sent to all concerned charge holders simultaneously, on the occurrence of any transactions.

Paper less Concept:

This system will go a long way in ensuring a paperless environment having high level of security in management of control stores. The contingency backups can also be taken in the event of a system crash, ensuring safety of the data.


The automated process of issue and receipt of weapons through KIMS- Kote Inventory Management System, has resulted in decrease of issue/receipt timings by 50 percent. It’s adoption in kotes of btys, has made available more time to personnel for other tasks involved in mob. It becomes easier for officers to get statistical data of any kind at any time, which made decision making more efficient.