Automatic Milk Collection Unit

The Automatic Milk Collection Unit also termed as the 'eMilkway Software' helps small dairy firms to maintain a database of farmers supplying milk to the dairy and is very useful in eliminating flaws of the traditional milk collection system.

AMCU have following functions:

● We can use this software in Marathi and English language.

● List of accounts, advance, cattlefeed, deductions and bonus are directly connected to accounting.

● List the Quantity of protein milk.

● If S.N.F.counting machine is not available then you can calculate using C.L.R.

● Ratecards can be prepared according to FAT and S.N.F.

● Different Ratecards can be used for billing purposes.

● Number of reports like profit and loss can be generated.

● Multiple dairy firms can be connected to main dairy through internet.

● Facility of databackup.

● User friendly software.