Dairy Vet Software (Veterinary services application for co-operative dairies)

Today all cooperative dairy’s are facing competition from private dairy’s budding in there areas. This competition has underlined the need of better services to farmers to r maintain good relations with farmers. Cooperative dairy’s provide extension services to farmers for AI and other treatment. These services are either charged or may be free for farmers. These services can be used effectively using Dairyvet software system overcoming the shortcomings in existing system.

Existing system:

Doctors /AI technicians are assigned to particular route and they visit farms for AI and other treatment.They have to generate receipt of the same with all details of treatment carried out in each visit and give to farmers at same moment. This process creates pile of records which cannot be used for further analysis.

Features of Dairyvet software system:

Paperless Work:

♦ System will save huge amount of paperwork, cost and efforts involved into existing system.

Disease outbreak monitoring:

♦ With available records of occurrence of a particular disease, outbreak of that disease can be identified and necessary action can be taken to control the same.

Inventory Management:

♦Inventory of all the Medicines can be maintained at server automatically.Medicines (Including dose/s) used will be automatically updated to Stores.

♦ Number of semen straws used by AI workers will be updated to server.


♦ Charges of AI / PD / Medicines & Calving will be directly debited from farmers bills.

♦ A transaction SMS for the same can also be sent to farmers registered mobile.

Performance Monitoring:

♦ Charges of services will be monitored effectively using the system.

♦ Number of repeat cases done by AI worker can be analyzed from records.

♦ Success rate of AI worker can be judged.

Vaccination and Deworming Alerts.

♦ Vaccination is one of major activity to be undertaken on periodic basis. This can be for FMD,Brucellosis, HS, BQ or any other diseases in animals. Alerts in the system will help in stocking of vaccines accordingly.

♦ Animal not covered under vaccination can be identified and action can be taken.

GPS tracking of AI workers:

♦ Tracking of AI workers/LSS route can be done in Google map at the Office server.

♦ Spatial distribution of animals can also be known (on Google maps).

Integration with existing ERP:

♦ Whole system of real time data recording can be integrated with ERP which is being used in the office.


♦ Software can also be used for official communications at one go.

Calf Raring Advisory:

♦ Important advices can be given to farmers on calf raring like weight measurement & recording.

♦ Recording of first heat period.

♦ This will increase probability of calf getting pregnant within 15 to 18 month and will be beneficial for farmer.

Other Features :

♦ Tablet can be easily carried by Doctors / extension workers.

♦ All field activities such as AI, Calving, PD check and medication will be recorded by extension worker when they visit farm.

♦ The data will be updated automatically (on getting connectivity) to the Office server.

♦ Inventory management of medicine or semen straws will be done automatically.

♦ Effective monitoring of diseases, problems can be done in least possible time.

♦ Daily work performance of any Doctor / AI worker can be analyzed from office.

♦ Charges & incentives of extension workers will be calculated automatically.

♦ Deductions from farmers account (society bill) can be done automatically application once the software is linked with ERP.

♦ No data entry at the office is required, which will save time and manpower.

♦ Quality of extension services can further be improved for the benefits of farmers.

♦ Extension workers will get automatic alerts for AI, PD checkup, calving in their areas..

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