Dairy Management ERP System

Fat/SNF based milk procurement, inventory in Kg FAT & Kg SNF by product processing module, inventory of raw materials, packaging material, different rate finished products and charts for procurement, invoicing of finished products, different rate for counter sale, retailers & distributors, income-expenses management, Tally integration.

eAnifarm software is useful to keep complete database of all the animals in our farm with their feed requirements, medication breeding cycles etc. It is capable of producing various reports required efficient management of animal husbandry farm. One of the important reports includes "Daily task report" which gives idea about work to be done every day. Alerts used in software are very useful to track breeding/fertility cycles of animals.

eAnifarm caters following functions:

● Complete history right from birth can be maintained using this system.

● Alerts for Heat check are given through software.

● Nutrition management based on physiology, weight, age, pregnancy period and milk yield etc.

● Entire medication and vaccination history can be maintained.

● Grouping of animals for ease of management.

● Daily task list for worker for Nutrition, medication and fertility checks.

● Daily income and expense report can be generated.

● Helps in selective breeding and maintaining genealogy.

● Lactation charts.

● Accounting module.

● All required reports for better understanding.

● Facility of attaching CCTV camera with software.

● Handheld mobile computers to record field activities such as milk yield, medication, fertility checks,feed suppply etc.

● RFID or Barcode tagging system for animal identification.

● SMS alerts for Heat check, PD checkup, Milk drying off and Calving.

● Multilingual support: User interface in local language; Database in English.

● Spatial distribution of animals using GIS.

For more details please visit on:eanifarm.com