Sand Invoicing and Monitoring System

This system had been developed for monitoring exploration of valuable river sand resource for Government of Maharashtra. Presently this system had been implemented in entire Pune division (Pune, Satara, Solapur, Kolhapur and Sangali districts) and district of Ahmednagar, Latur, Chandrapur & Yavatmal. Sand Invoicing and Monitoring system had been specially desinged to insure and exact as per need one of the most valuable mining resource - river sand. This system will reduce illegal mining of river sand by considerable amount. This will lead to increase in revenue of government of Maharashtra.

Working of the System:

  • This system had been developed to register all sand receipts on server, and fetch their details as and when necessary by officials.
  • Receipt had been printed on IBA approved MICR paper having various security features like barcode, QR code, Fugitive ink, invisible ink mark, watermark and void pantograph.
  • Each sand auctioneer need to use invoicing system to register each sand receipt on server.
  • Once receipt got registered on server, unique invoice number gets generated.
  • Validity of invoice also gets generated based on distance to be traveled by vehicle.
  • Government officials can download one android application from google play store (Mahamining application) on their mobile to see if the receipt shown by driver of sand transporting vehicle,is valid or invalid.
  • Various reports and charts can be generated from the system to analyses sand mining activities.

present experience:

This application is undergoing field trials in many districts. It had given very good results to both officers and sand auctioneers. Many news channels and news papers covered the news of this innovative system. We have faced some practical problems during implementations. Many of these problems had been solved.

Some enhancements are suggested by officials to increase efficiency of the system. These enhancements can be implemented in coming time.

Further enhancements:

In future all sand transporting will have GPS based vehicle tracking system. This will enable administration to track all vehicles. Also, each vehicle will have RFID tag. At many check points, we will install RFID scanners, which will record movement of vehicle and give immediate feedback whether the vehicle has valid invoice or not. This will reduce pressure on government to use large manpower for monitoring movement of illegal vehicles. All invalid vehicles can be trapped easily.


This system can further be enhanced by using vehicle tracking system on sand transporting vehicles and using RFID tags for vehicles. Utility of the system will increase with the help of government officials as they have field experience and domain knowledge. Based on the experience of officers system can be improved continuously.

Data stored on server is very useful for analysis and decision making.

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