eMedicare Software

This software is helpful in improving management of Public health department. This software is used at Primary Health Centre level. This software keeps database of all patients and track them whenever necessary.

Salient features:

♦ Management of patient database.

♦ Capable of working online and offline.

♦ Integration of existing systems such as ASHA, MCTS, Drug Inventory and Pull SMS.

♦ Multilingual support to generate advice in local language and English.

♦ SMS alerts for patients, ANM worker, ASHA and Doctors.

♦ Alerts for outbreaks to DHO and CEO of ZP.

♦ Forum for sharing complicated problems with attachment of Xrays, videos etc.

♦ Tracking of migrated patients such as Sugarcane Industry workers.

♦ Inventory management of other surgical items.


Mahamining Software

Sand Invoicing and Monitoring System

This system had been developed for monitoring exploration of valuable river sand resource for Government of Maharashtra. Presently this system had been implemented in entire Pune division (Pune, Satara, Solapur, Kolhapur and Sangali districts) and district of...    Read More>>

KIMS Software

Kote Inventory Managment System

Issue and receipt of weapons in a sub unit’s Kote, is an extremely time consuming process, due to it encompassing entries of accurate figures, and simultaneously ensuring issue to the right person . This process, on an average takes approximately 3-4 min per individual;...    Read More>>

Herd Management System

eAnifarm Software

eAnifarm is one of the best solution to cater the needs of growing "Animal Husbandry" industry of India. It has been developed based on latest technologies in the business but not overlooking the local practice of doing business. eAnifarm software is useful to keep complete database of all the animals...   Read More>>

Rajneta Software

Election Management Software

Rajneta is an Election Management System. It helps candidate to manage voter database and interact with them through electronic ways of communication. This enhances connectivity of candidate with the voters.It has various other functionalities...    Read More>>




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